Why The Old Method Of Investing Is Dead



One of the hardest things I’ve had to do was at a fairly young age look my parents right in the face and tell them that they were wrong. They were 100% wrong.

Not only were they wrong, but they were wrong in something that I thought and they thought they were very knowledgeable in: saving and investing money.

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I want you to envision your life, having the material items you want, enjoying the experiences you want with people you want to share them with.

I want you to imagine you don’t have to go to work anymore and you truly have time and financial freedom.

In this ideal scenario you’ve built in your head...are you 65 years old? Are you tired all the time? Do your joints ache from 50 years of working? No, they don’t.

You’re not 65, I imagine you’re at an age where you’re still full of energy, you still have the stamina to keep up with the things you want to do, you and your loved ones are not nearing the end of your life.

Well that is the fantasy that is sold to us in the old method of investing.

Let me know if this sounds familiar to you...you should find a job you can tolerate that pays you good money or work your way up the ladder until you do, then every month over the next 40 years you should put aside $200, $400, $500, the more the better!

Then, if you’re lucky, you’ll make it to the ripe old age of 65 with $4 million so you can peacefully die with a large bank account.

Here’s what I hate about this method….

When the average lifespan is 82 years, I don’t want to spend 40 years working 5/7 days per week. And during those 40 years, I don’t want to sacrifice hundreds of dollars every month that I can’t eat, I can’t use to pay for a nice car or nice house, I can’t use to go on vacation, I can’t do anything with it even though I earned it.

If you’re reading this blog then I know one thing about you...this scenario scares you to death.

It’s what made me furiously pursue strategies that could help me avoid this, for me that strategy was multifamily real estate investing, because it provided passive income in the form of rents, seriously attractive tax benefits which I could use to lower my taxable income by tens of thousands of dollars, it guarded my money against inflation which as of 2021 is 5.5%, and has incredible appreciation with it as well.

Not to mention, the returns flat out crush your 401(k), the average 401(k) generates between 5 - 8% returns annually over its lifetime, and even the more aggressively positioned 401(k) accounts are hovering around 10%. On average, our investments see between a 14 - 19% average annual return, not including tax savings.


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