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The 2 most important quotes from Warren Buffet and how they relate to CRE

Learn from the best investor within the stock space, and how we can apply his teachings to CRE
Sept. 6, 2021


The Tax Benefits Of Passively Investing In Multifamily

Learn about the extraordinary tax benefits that the IRS offers to passive investors

What Has Better Returns, The Stock Market Or Multifamily?

Get a surface-level understanding of the 2 most common investment strategies.

How Long Until You Can Retire From Passive Income? (It's probably a lot shorter than you think)

I'll walk you through step-by-step how to calculate how quickly you can retire just from passive cash flow coming from multifamily investments.

How Multifamily Assets Outperform Inflation

Find out how Multifamily investments don't just protect your money from inflation, but outperforms inflation year after year.

Why The Old Method Of Investing Is Dead & Should Stay That Way Forever

Everything we've been told about investing and creating wealth our entire lives has been wrong. Learn how true generational wealth is built, and how people just like you are creating financial, and time freedom.

The Pros & Cons of Investing In Single Family Homes

If you're reading this blog, I assume you've also either invested in SFHs, or are researching whether you want to start there before getting into Multifamily. Check out the pros & cons of SFHs and decide which route is right for you.

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